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Workforce Planning & Analytics

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Information & Performance Management

Information and Performance Management is a Business Intelligence solution that transforms the data into intelligence that is aligned with business performance and key metrics. It publishes performance dashboards and allows stakeholders to focus on the most appropriate business metrics (lead and lag), allowing for drill down to the smallest performance tracking unit. The idea is to democratize data-based decision making, empowering people across levels in the truest sense. It allows seamless integration with disparate sources and systems to seek data necessary for analytics and insights generation.

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Contractor Management

Our Contractor Management solution helps and simplifies the process of contract employee management thus strengthening compliance of contract personnel. The solution offers self-service to the contractor to manage the hiring, onboarding, and separation of personnel. It enables the contract personnel to manage their information such as personal data, time and attendance data, shifts, and many more thereby releasing the HR bandwidth from mundane tasks of data management.

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Compensation Management

Compensation Management allows initiation and management of compensation benchmarking survey, provides salary proposals taking into consideration annual appraisals, market benchmarking data and cost of living indices and also provides compensation and variable pay pay-outs taking into consideration annual appraisal ratings and business scorecards on approval. Generates increment and promotion letters.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning is a visual representation to the key stakeholders on difference parameters to analyse, interpret and plan future talent requirements. It gives an ability to draw multiple alternative Strategic Workforce Plans, compare and view them graphically with changing Cost Estimates on various cuts like Grade-wise, Job-wise, Age-wise, Gender-wise, Competency-wise & Educational Qualification-wise. It assists HODs/Top Management Level in making people decisions more judiciously & efficiently by providing a list of reports with changing cost estimates.

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Real time visibility on organization structure and hierarchy in a single snapshot with position and headcount view. One-page profile to view an employee’s information & life cycle events. Allows simulation of org chart which enables easier assessment of structural alternatives without actually changing the org chart. Allows employee comparison on all parameters.

(Organizational Reporting & Analytics)

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Report Writer

Report writer allows to create custom /adhoc reports through extensive configurable parameters / report filters. It displays data in different views / formats / charts which is easy to understand. Ability to save report queries for refresh and use when required.

Prashant Karmalkar, Managing Director Circular Angle, on Organisational Chart

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