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Functional Solutions


Timesheet is an effective management accounting tool providing clarity & understanding of time spent by a particular employee or a group of employees, enabling accurate measurement of resource utilization, keeping track of task level quality and on time performance and making project//business as usual forecasting & estimations more accurate.

Service Request.png
Service Requests

Service Request is an effective and efficient process that enables the user to initiate service requests, assign responsibility for requests and track the status of open requests. It not only streamlines the requisition process and enhances efficiency, but also increases transparency.

Capex Management.png
Capex Management

Capex Management is an effective tool that enables automation and management of the completed CAPEX cycle from purchase to payment. It is a multi-step workflow tool that manages approvals right up to the capital expenditure committee of the board. The end outcome can result in a PR or PO and can integrate into an existing ERP for those purposes as may be required.

Work Profiler.png
Work Profiler

Work Profiler is an insightful tool that brings out aspects of tasks performed within the organization and gives valuable information to evaluate the impact of tasks on its operations. It also sets the foundation for strategic decision making at the organization level. It reflects actual groundwork as it follows a bottom-up approach involving role holders at all levels. It presents the leaders relatively accurate view of activities being performed in the organization and by whom at all levels and provides insights to optimize the work processes, manpower & resource allocation in accordance with maximum utilization of organization resources.

SLA Management.png
SLA & OLA Management

SLA & OLA management is an online tool that brings transparency and visibility of service & operating level agreements between functions / units in the organization. It assesses service providing and serviced function on their performance and provide feedback to improve efficiency and process metrics. It also provides reports which can help monitor and improve service delivery.

Authority letter.png
Letters of Authority

Letters of Authority is a simple digital tool for a speedy authorization process. It authorizes the department head to issue the authority letter based on the roles and responsibilities of employees. It keeps track of all authorizations and is readily available at all times. The tool provides a single window reporting to understand who has been authorized to represent the company in various foray.

Incentive Management.png
Incentives & Scheme Management

This provides the ability to create and manage incentive schemes including profit protection schemes for dealers and distributors. Schemes can be created for a particular zone or region or a set of customers. The incentives  incentive calculation is based on the scheme and the end outcome can be a credit note that can be passed on to the customer account in the ERP system.

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