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Collaboration Tools

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Knowledge management.png
Knowledge Management

A common platform for employees to share knowledge and information. It enables users to create knowledge base articles, step-by-step instructions and guides, workarounds, and solutions to common problems and enhance the knowledge repository. Thereby, maximizes the organization’s use of collective experience and knowledge to improve the flow of information across the organization.

Internal job posting and tracking.png
Internal Job Posting & Tracking

The internal job posting solution allows the talent acquisition team to publish jobs on e-bulletin boards, make announcements online, and trigger emails to everyone in the company detailing the job requirements and application process.

Task Management.png
Task Management

A simple and easy-to-use solution that offers you to plan, create and manage your tasks by simplifying your work planning.  It ensures that individuals have visibility and clarity of all tasks at all times. It allows managers to not only track and monitor the progress of the tasks but also rate them on account of quality and timeliness connecting it with teams’ productivity and performance.

idea management.png
Idea Management

Idea management solution is a user-friendly and intuitive platform that allows users to vote, comment, and endorse ideas. It’s an excellent platform that allows organizations to effectively manage their end-to-end ideation process from ideas invitation to idea selection, evaluation and implementation.

Action Management.png
Action Management

A solution to help you plan, organize, and manage your projects, from start to closure. It provides everyone with project visibility and the task at hand of the project team. It helps Project leaders to manage workloads, project scheduling, status updates, and more. A pictorial view of the project through Gantt chart and dashboard reporting makes it transparent for the project stakeholders to be at the top of their game at all times.

Intelligent Assistant.png
Intelligent Assistant

Intelligent Assistant provides secure and scalable Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots for business. These chatbots are designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of specific business functions scenarios and processes for basic actions such as fetching personal information, documents, etc.

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