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Performance Lighting

Integrated Talent Management

ITM Performance Management
Performance Management

Performance Management allows to effectively manage and appraise performance for employees or departments by enabling goal setting, mid-year review, annual evaluation and feedback form. Provides configurable performance cycle by the employee (self), manager, reviewer. Provides information related to Probation Confirmation. Provides an exhaustive list of standard reports for each phase of assessment. The system provides the capability to create standardized KPIs and associate them to roles and positions so that cascade of organizational objectives can be achieved.

Career Architecture
Career Architecture

Career Architecture enables transparency and objectivity by clearly defining all possible career options being offered to employees to choose from and compare. Provides a graphical representation of available paths. It also encourages dialogue by urging employees to initiate career development discussions with respective managers.

Virtual Assesment
Virtual Assessment & Program Management

Virtual assessments and program management enables set up and management of multiple tools for conducting assessments. The module provides relevant access to participants, assessors and program administrator. It provides easy access to standard reports for the admin to better manage the completion of assessments.

Competenct Management
Competency Assessment & Management

Competency Assessments & Management enables a three level assessment by employee (self), manager, reviewer. Visually appealing align-o-meter displays extent of alignment of employee vis-à-vis the role  / position. Ready reporting available at a click. Detailed gap reports available to highlight competency gaps. And Talent Summary report that highlight both strengths and gaps with concrete actions to be undertaken.

Succession Planning
Succession Planning

Succession Planning enables objective, quick and accurate identification of employees who can potentially be considered as successors for certain critical positions. It promotes transparency and provides the ability to choose from multiple configurable parameters. Allows for successor to successor comparison  on multiple parameters. And provides easy access to  one-page profile of the potential successor.

Talent Analytics
Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics is a reporting tool which displays every employee detail pertaining to performance and potential rating, IDP completion status, employee movements, assignment to successors, competency alignment score etc. Dynamic filters are available through which information can be viewed in a comprehensive One page Talent dashboard.

Prashant Karmalkar, Managing Director Circular Angle, on Succession Planning

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