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Awwditz is a pre-configured, ready to use business process management solution for service delivery firms that provides real time visibility  for better customer service, revenue tracking and reporting

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Use Case

A Mumbai based CA firm with a  diversified financial services portfolio catering to more than 100 customers have been using the Awwditz solution to manage their business processes. The solution helps them gain visibility to their work allocation, team utilisation and office productivity. With the help of the dashboard the leaders have the transparency of the customer delivery, revenue management, outstanding, work status etc  at any given point of time without having to connect and follow-up with different stakeholders. The solution have given them the ability to plan and take informed decisions for the clients.


"Awwditz is a well-designed software that meets all the requirements of a CA firm. This software has assisted me in gaining a clear understanding of my employee' work assignments. It helps me keep track of ongoing activities in my firm. Earlier I had to follow up with my employee to know what was going on. Now, with Awwditz I can access real-time information anytime, anywhere. 

It has also simplified billing and I can quickly view both paid and pending invoices.
Awwditz is an easy to use, customised to our needs, budget-friendly software that offers multiple features"

 - Mantri Ranjan

A Glimpse of Awwditz

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