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People Walking

People Advisory

With Circular Angle’s People Advisory services, you will be one step ahead of your peer companies in terms of finding the right people with right capabilities at the right cost as well as utilizing and developing the right people to drive organization agenda. In the face of rapidly changing business environment, we believe in providing an earnest ear to all your people issues and offering expert nonbiased opinions to help you to take the right decisions for your people.


Our services include diagnosing and understanding pain points, identifying causes & effects on business, offering advice to senior leaders in matters pertaining to people practices. Engaging in periodic meetings / discussions with executive committees to help take decisions on strategic HR and operational matters. Engaging in dialogue for senior leader acquisition, appraisals, performance parameters, coaching for desired behaviours. Lastly provide honest and concrete feedback on what is working well, what is not and what aspects need to be relooked.

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