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Image by Sergey Zolkin

Business Simulation

Business simulation is a virtual platform that provides an experiential learning environment to participants and helps them learn and grow in a risk-free environment. We, at Circular Angle, offer business simulation to build business acumen, collaboration, strategic orientation, and decision-making skills.


We are the pioneer for using business simulation as an assessment tool for succession planning and high-pot identification. We have a team of seasoned assessors who observe the behaviour of participants during the workshop and provide real-time inputs. Assessors get clear evidence of participants’ conduct which gives them an edge to prepare strong evidence-based reports.

We have helped many clients in identifying future leaders through business simulation. We help participants go beyond the scope of their role, do away with siloed mindset, and help them understand the intrinsic connect between business value drivers and key factors that can impact them.


Prashant Karmalkar, Managing Director Circular Angle, on Business Simulation

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