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What Makes ‘Circular Angle’ Stand Out From The Rest?

The goal of Circular Angle is to provide simple, honest, and effective solutions for all business challenges

HT Brand Studio

14 Feb 2023

Circular Angle is a business strategy consulting firm that offers a wide range of services to help businesses tackle the challenges they face in today's fast-paced and competitive world. Founded by visionary leader Prasant Karmalkar in 2011, the firm has its headquarters in Thane, Maharashtra, and offices in Pune, Bangalore, and Australia. The goal of Circular Angle is to provide simple, honest, and effective solutions for all business challenges.

The services offered by Circular Angle include business strategy consulting, HR management, human capital management, HR advisory services, technology solutions, and leadership and development. The firm is known for its customized multitool mechanism and real-time business assessment tool, which sets it apart from other consulting firms. Their most in-demand services include operating models, organizational design and restructuring, defining competency catalogues, enabling succession planning, performance management, and leadership development.

Circular Angle's team is composed of experts who specialize in studying and predicting market and customer trends. They take pride in their honesty and communication skills, which make clients feel comfortable and confident in their services. The firm conducts thorough primary and secondary research to get to the root of clients' problems and offer creative solutions. Circular Angle also has a unique knowledge and best practice advice that makes their services invaluable.

The firm has a strong reputation and a growing client portfolio, with many repeat clients and positive reviews. Circular Angle has received numerous awards and recognitions for its excellent service, including the "10 best consulting company awards received in 2016", "World record for the largest business simulations under one roof", and "Top 10 most recommended HR tech companies 2022 by CIO Insider magazine". With 180+ clients across industries and geographies, Circular Angle has proven its unparalleled skills and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to its clients.

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