HR Strategy & Consulting

We deliver value to our clients by way of combining our thought leadership and assets of a practice area merged with Industry expertise.

HR Strategy Consulting

Why HR Strategy & Consulting

  • We partner with clients with the intention to co - create value
  • We work as trusted HR strategy & implementation partners for our clients and make things happen
  • We help our clients build their capabilities and prepare themselves for catapulting to higher levels of performance excellence
  • We bring to the table insights from different industries coupled with best practices and ensure delivery of business relevant solutions to our clients
  • We help our clients meet their growth objectives and battle business exigencies

OD (Organization Development) Interventions

  • Talent Management

    • We understand skill set, gaps and growth paths of existing talent pool and how best to leverage their strengths through developing integrated talent management framework
  • Learning Universities

    • We develop design for all core, common and specific learning to be incorporated in the career pathways
  • Competency Frameworks

    • We identify function-wise competencies, write definitions & indicators and map them to roles with required proficiency levels
  • Career Pathways

    • We design and implement tailor made career pathways for our clients' employees at different stages of their employee life cycles to ensure continuous growth and development
  • HR Policies & Processes

    • We develop & streamline clear and formal process & policy for all HR related issues to maintain Consistency and legal Compliance across the company

Value Map Interventions

  • We work with our clients to select precise performance indicators, define measurable goals, and put in place crisp metrics will enable their organization to not only monitor their current levels of performance, but simultaneously catapult to higher levels of performance excellence
  • Through our value map approach, we enable our clients to identify the key business value drivers, areas where value gets created in their overall process and design appropriate initiatives to leverage them
  • We maximize shareholder value by aligning business HR strategy consulting with functional and people performance
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Anisha Amin
Our Expertise

HR Strategy Formulation

  • We help our clients in remodeling their existing business lines, targeting the right customer segment, building strategies to enter new markets by conducting a thorough market & competitor analysis
  • We understand inherent apprehensions and hence begin the journey with smaller steps and quick wins and progressively encourage our clients to take on other bigger items on their agenda as they mature
  • Our HR strategy roadmap is a balanced blend of both futuristic gains as well as immediate short term wins
  • We act as Execution Partners
  • We provide executable strategies

Performance & Change

  • KPI Analysis

    • We check the relevance of existing key performance indicators and conduct a value chain workshop through which we define what value a particular role creates.
    • The participants are then asked to choose best KPI's for themselves from the industry's benchmarks suggested by us.

    • We conduct a detailed responsibility assignment exercise to decide the position holder's who are Responsible, Accountable for a particular activity, roles who Support, to be Consulted/ Informed or roles who Approve.
    • This document is aimed at reducing redundancies & refurnish the job descriptions. It also helps in resolving ambiguities and discrepancies in conflicting roles.
  • Restructuring

    • We suggest restructuring options based on the responsibility accountability mapping in the RASCIP document and the redefined processes. We enable clients to decide a structure keeping in mind the role KRA's and role holders potential
  • Process Improvement

    • We perform a deep dive into the existing processes and suggest areas of improvements, scope of automation, process modification opportunities etc. We conduct a thorough market benchmarking to incorporate the best hr practices from the industry to streamline the existing processes to meet future needs