We deliver value to our clients by way of combining our thought leadership and assets of a practice area merged with Industry expertise.

Professional coaching is known to increase productivity by maximizing potential
Measuring Coaching Effectiveness
  • The impact of coaching is best assessed by measuring the degree to which the coachee believes he / she has been able to accomplish his / her goals
  • A midpoint feedback form is administered to ascertain the progress of coaching and the results shared with coaches
  • Post completion of the coaching journey, a final feedback form is filled by each coachee which is shared with the facilitating HR and stakeholders
  • 360 Degree feedback pre-and post-coaching is highly recommended to gauge the impact of the coaching intervention
Our Coaching Goals
  • To develop as a "visible" leader
  • Build in key emotional intelligence competencies
  • To increase communication clarity and impact
  • To develop a leadership presence
  • To learn how to step back from technical details and see the "big picture"
Our Coach Classification
  • Industry Renowned Coaches
  • Experienced Executive Coaches
  • Life Coaches
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Our Coaching Framework
  • Establishing Goals/Development Needs
  • Frame Goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time phased) or PURE (Positively stated, Understood, Relevant and Ethical)
  • Identify the participant's current state from assessment, feedback or self-inspection and examine how realistic the goal is & the possible roadblocks in achieving it
  • Explore all the available options to achieve the goal & address all the development needs
  • The key is to see beyond constraints/limited beliefs and explore the entire universe of options to choose for action planning
  • This stage will cover the what, when, who (support/involved) and the will to do it
  • It is important for the mentee to be fully bought into the action to feel confident in completing it