Business Simulation

We deliver value to our clients by way of combining our thought leadership and assets of a practice area merged with Industry expertise.

Business Simulation
Business Simulation is creation of virtual business scenarios, for participants to experience real time business challenges and take critical decisions
  • A virtual replica of an Individual decision making context
  • A bedrock for experiential learning through doing, without risk to the company
  • A powerful learning tool for developing business acumen with real life business dynamics
  • The participants experience the impact of their decisions to the bottom line
  • The tool can be customized to meet the specific industries need
  • One can face real life business challenges without actually intriguing risk
Teams to play on following Decision Making Parameters on the Gamified Platform
  • How to compete
  • How to assess impact of the above decisions on
  • Where to compete
  • How to assess new business opportunities
  • How to scale up profitably
Our Engagement Model
  • Defining learning objectives
  • Modeling the simulation and planning facilitation interventions
  • Facilitation and Delivery
  • Post Program Follow Up
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What Participants Learn
Levers for unlocking business value
  • How to set business objectives?
  • How to tie them to investments and implementable actions?
  • How to hit on right differentiating factors for sustainable growth?
To manage the business, not just a function
  • How do all functions work together to create business value?
  • How to enable functions to maximize their contribution to business?
To have a strategic orientation
  • How to transform unstructured contexts into structured ones?
  • How to weigh trade-offs inherent in business situations?
  • How to go from reacting to situations to proactive responding?
Industry specific insights
  • What are the value drivers of your business?
  • Which parameters to focus on to maximize impact of value drivers?