Technology Solutions (HCM)

We deliver value to our clients by way of combining our thought leadership and assets of a practice area merged with Industry expertise.

Technology Solutions

Human capital management solutions

  • A wide spectrum of streamlined solutions that help navigate across the entire employee life cycle, from recruitment to retirement
  • Empower HRs to move from a transaction based administrative function to a strategic business partner
  • Replace complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology to help make more informed decisions about the workforce and prepare talent for future business opportunities
SAP HCM Implementations
  • We have expertise in implementing and customizing SAP solutions e.g. PMS, Recruitment & on-boarding, etc.
Integrated Solutions
  • Our HCM Solutions can be seamlessly integrated to both SAP and non-SAP Databases i.e. on .Net platform e.g. eSkin, Competency, etc
Standalone .Net Implementations
  • A set of tools that can be deployed independently without any prerequisites e.g. eClue, KnowMan, ActMan
human capital management solutions
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Our HCM Solutions
Employee Transaction Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Recruitment
  • HRMS Administration
Employee Life Cycle
  • Career Models
  • Learning & Event Management
  • Performance Management
  • Employee / Manager Self-Service
  • Succession Planning
  • Competency Assessment
  • High Potential
Employee Relationship Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Action Management
  • Idea Management
  • Task Management
Workforce Planning & Analytics
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Organization Analytics
  • Capex
  • Letters of Authority
  • Incentive Management
  • Service Request